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Configure Master account (or Operator)

In this tutorial you will see how to set correctly in the program the credentials obtained after the purchase of an Iperius Remote license:

  • Master Account: necessary to activate the license, access the address book of remote computers, as well as all the management and organization operations of the license itself (creation and editing of users / operators, statistics display, etc.): it must be entered on the computers from which you connect to do assistance. Alternatively, you can directly enter the operator’s credentials (after having created one in the administrative area).

The accounts must be entered in the “General Settings” of the program. The great advantage, compared to the Free version, is that it is not necessary to directly write the ID and password of the remote computer to connect: once the account has been configured, you can easily create a convenient list of remote computers (address book), where it will be enough to do double click on a computer to automatically connect.

Open Iperius Remote and click on the “General Settings” icon (the one with the gear, see image below):

The Master account, or an Operator account, must be set on the PC of the person starting the connections to remote computers.

More than one Master Account or Operator Account can be configured on the same computer. The Iperius license allows unlimited workstations from which it can be used (the only limit are the simultaneous connections), so the Master account or operator accounts can be entered and used on all the computers of the company that does remote support.

When the license is activated and you connect to a remote computer, you can add it to your address book, using the appropriate button in the right toolbar of the remote desktop window:

NB: Using the Master account for login is equivalent to authenticating with the default “admin” user of the Remote license.

Address book (list of remote devices)

At this point it will be possible to view the list of remote computers by clicking on the address book icon in the main window and, in the case you’re using the Master Account, or an operator account with admin privileges, it will be possible to access the administrative panel here too, using the appropriate button.

In the list of remote PCs (i.e. those we have entered in our address book), double click on the remote computer to connect:

Multi Address Book

A remote computer can be present in several address books. This is a powerful feature, which is used, for example, to allow various companies that do remote assistance to independently access the customer’s computer, each with its own Iperius license.

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