Install and connect

Unattended access

Install Iperius Remote as a Windows service with one click. Set a custom password or enter your Client Account. No router or firewall configuration is required. Connect to your customers' servers at any time for remote assistance and maintenance. Iperius will automatically reconnect even when the system is restarted.

Remote connection unattended access server

Management of all devices

Complete address book

For companies that provide remote assistance services, Iperius provides a complete address book of connected remote computers, with various information and the ability to connect with a simple click. Together with the unattended automatic logon feature, this allows you to provide remote support to unlimited computers and servers very quickly.

Remote working

Office computers always online

Working from home

Unattended remote access is an essential feature for remote working. In fact, all the computers in a company can always be online and immediately accessible to employees who work from home.

Maximum security and complete management:

  • Unlimited users, each with their own account
  • Multiple password protection
  • Security policy for each employee, to allow access only to certain computers
  • Detailed statistics of connection times
Remote working

Protection, multiple passwords, wake on lan

Maximum security and flexibility

You can set multiple login passwords (a specific password and different Client Accounts) for the same remote computer. This allows multiple companies to provide support to the same customer, each with their own credentials. And the customer can keep his own password private.

Iperius also allows multiple simultaneous remote desktop sessions to the same computer or server. Added to this is a useful wake on lan function, which allows you to turn on a computer remotely.

Secure remote desktop and remote access

Unattended remote access is a feature that can be disabled at any time, by both the user and the operator, simply by installing the Iperius Remote service. However, it offers several advantages, such as automatic reconnection when the computer restarts and the ability to automatically update and reconnect the remote client.

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