Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote – Simple, fast and complete remote desktop

Iperius Remote is lightweight and versatile software for connecting remotely to any Windows computer or server. No firewall installation or configuration required, file transfer, multiple sessions, unattended remote login, presentations and screen sharing. A remote control utility that is easy to use, safe, reliable and at an unbeatable cost.

Extreme simplicity

Iperius Remote is the fastest way to connect to a remote computer, to assist your customers, work from home or share your screen for presentations and meetings.

Remote support

No configuration

Iperius works immediately. No installation or configuring of the router or firewall is required. You can also set a custom proxy. The connection is fast and is operational immediately.

Remote working

Advanced security

Iperius Remote connects in protected mode using the HTTPS protocol (SSL) and adopts advanced measures for encrypting the information exchanged as well as the configuration.

Remote support

Management of connected clients

Using your own account, a convenient window allows you to see a list of all the connected computers and therefore obtain an immediately accessible list of customers to whom you can provide support.

File transfer

With Iperius Remote you can transfer files in both directions of your connection. You can send files to the computer you are connected to or download files to your computer in an extremely quick and simple manner.

Multi-user chat

Iperius allows you to communicate with the users you are connected to as well as with other operators connected to the same computer via a simple chat feature that allows multiple users to communicate in a rapid manner.

Multiple connections

Several operators can seamlessly connect to the same computer, or else individual operators can simultaneously connect to multiple computers, in order to provide service to different customers.

Presentations and screen sharing

Thanks to the possibility of allowing multiple connections to the same computer, you can share your screen (without providing remote control) with many users who can then make presentations or training seminars.

Automatic/unattended access

Iperius can be installed as a Windows service and therefore always be active for connections 24 hours a day, even without the remote user being present. It is ideal for accessing remote servers that you need to be able to connect to at any time.

Fully customizable

Iperius Remote allows you to have your own remote support tool, fully cutomized. You can have the program with your name, icon, company information and preset options.

Shared management of groups, permissions and operators

Iperius Remote provides detailed remote computer management functions, with the possibility of grouping them (for example by company) and giving each of them specific access and display permissions. Furthermore, it is possible to have multiple users, each one with specific permissions.

Connection Statistics

Using an easy-to-manage interface, an administrator can control operator connection times and filter them based on remote groups and computers. This allows you to bill customers for the actual service time

Some key features in brief

  • Fully portable software: no installation required
  • No firewall configuration needed
  • Multiple and fast file transfer in both directions
  • Ultra fast file transfer in local network
  • Integrated chat (multi-user)
  • Installable as Windows service, for unattended connections
  • Multiple connections allowed to the same computer (also useful for presentations)
  • The operator can connect simultaneously to multiple computers, and see their remote desktops on separated windows.
  • Operators can also connect from MAC and Linux machines (using tools like WINE, Parallel, PlayOnMac, PlayOnLinux).
  • Double security measures: integrated encryption and HTTPS (SSL)
  • Possibility to specify custom passwords for each remote client
  • Multi-monitor supported
  • Full screen mode supported
  • Proxy server configuration allowed
  • Possibility to share the desktop to remote users without allowing them to take control of the computer (useful for presentations)
  • List of all connected clients
  • Connection history with connection duration
  • Autoupdate (also for remote computers)
  • Compatible with any Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003/2008, Server 2012, Windows 10 and Server 2016 / 32-64 bit)

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