Iperius® Remote

All the features. All included.

Iperius Remote is lightweight and versatile software for connecting remotely to any Windows or MAC computer. No firewall installation or configuration required, file transfer, multiple sessions, unattended remote login, presentations and screen sharing. A remote control utility that is easy to use, safe, reliable and at an unbeatable cost.

Windows, iOS, Android, MAC

Iperius Remote is a multi-platform remote desktop software. Work remotely with your MAC or perform maintenance on customer servers even from mobile.

No Firewall configuration

Iperius works immediately. No installation or configuring of the router or firewall is required. You can also set a custom proxy. The connection is fast and is operational immediately.

The highest level of security possible

End-to-end encryption, HIPAA-compliant / GDPR-compliant and use of the most advanced protocols and encryption systems: TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3, DTLS-SRTP (UDP), HTTPS, WSS (Secure Web Socket)

Remote access to mobile devices, Android and iOS

With a single powerful app, Iperius allows you to connect to and from mobile devices. For example, you can remotely access your iPhone or any Android smartphone and control it, or provide remote assistance to your clients' or employees' tablets.

File transfer also with Copy and Paste, and Drag and Drop

Easily transfer files and folders (upload and download) between connected computers. The native DELTA mode allows unparalleled performance, being able to transfer only the modified parts of the files. Trasferisci i file trascinandoli o con un semplice copia e incolla.

Unattended access to unlimited devices

For those who work remotely or for those who need to connect to a server for maintenance at any time, Iperius supports the unattended mode, i.e. automatic access without the need for any action by a remote user.

Remote printing

Iperius Remote is a perfect tool for working remotely. It allows you to instantly print any file you are working on remotely on one of your local printers. With a simple click.

Simple licenses, NO LIMITS

The Iperius licensing model is very simple, and it is the most convenient in the world. Choose only the number of simultaneous connections. You can have the license on unlimited devices, create unlimited accounts, have unlimited devices in the address book, connect to unlimited remote computers (even unattended).

Custom client (full rebranding)

Iperius is the most customizable remote support software in the world: you can also change the icon and name of the software, and make it a tool perfectly integrated into your company.

Session recording

With a simple click, you can activate the video recording of a remote desktop session, and immediately have a video file available to use for presentations, tutorials or as part of a remote assistance report.

Multi-user chat

Iperius allows you to communicate with the users you are connected to as well as with other operators connected to the same computer via a simple chat feature that allows multiple users to communicate in a rapid manner.

Connection Statistics

Using an easy-to-manage interface, an administrator can control operator connection times and filter them based on remote groups and computers. This allows you to bill customers for the actual service time

Multi-user sessions

Several operators can seamlessly connect to the same computer, or else individual operators can simultaneously connect to multiple computers, in order to provide service to different customers.

Presentations and screen sharing

Thanks to the possibility of allowing multiple connections to the same computer, you can share your screen (without providing remote control) with many users who can then make presentations or training seminars.

Shared management of groups, permissions and operators

Iperius Remote provides detailed remote computer management functions, with the possibility of grouping them (for example by company) and giving each of them specific access and display permissions. Furthermore, it is possible to have multiple users, each one with specific permissions.

Multi monitor support

Iperius Remote supports connection to computers with multiple screens. With a special button on the remote desktop window, you can choose the monitor to be displayed.

Multi-company address book and multiple passwords

Iperius has the most powerful and flexible address book on the market. You can easily create groups and permissions for operators. A remote client can be in multiple address books if you need to get support from multiple companies. Additional passwords can also be set for access to each computer.

Invert the remote connection

With a simple click from the remote desktop window, an operator can reverse the direction of the connection between his computer and the remote one. This can be a very useful feature to share your screen with a client on the fly, or work reciprocally on some configurations.

Mass deployment with MSI and Group Policies (GPO)

Distribute and silently install Iperius Remote on all computers within a domain using Group Policies and the preconfigured MSI installer. Iperius Remote automatically starts in unattended mode with a customized password and is already added to your address book.

Remote elevation to administrator

When you connect with Iperius Remote to a user session that does not have administrative privileges, you can request remote elevation to administrator by clicking a simple button and specifying the administrator credentials.

Video smoothness up to 60 FPS for excellent performance

Iperius Remote is designed with all the most efficient communication technologies. Peer to peer connection up to 60 fps for maximum video fluency.

Some key features in brief

  • Multi-platform remote desktop software: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android
  • Fully portable software: no installation required
  • No firewall configuration needed
  • Multiple and fast file transfer in both directions
  • Ultra-fast DELTA file transfer and folder transfer
  • Integrated chat (multi-user)
  • Installable as Windows service, for unattended connections
  • Multiple connections allowed to the same computer (also useful for presentations)
  • The operator can connect simultaneously to multiple computers, and see their remote desktops on separated windows.
  • Operators can also connect from Linux (using tools such as WINE or PlayOnLinux).
  • Double security measures: integrated encryption and HTTPS (SSL)
  • Possibility to specify custom passwords for each remote client
  • Multi-monitor supported
  • Full screen mode supported
  • Proxy server configuration allowed
  • Possibility to share the desktop to remote users without allowing them to take control of the computer (useful for presentations)
  • List of all connected clients
  • Connection history with connection duration
  • Autoupdate (also for remote computers)
  • Remote control your phone: remote access to mobile devices, such as Android smartphones or tablets
  • Mass deployment with MSI: distribute and install Iperius in unattended mode, massively and silently, thanks to Windows Group Policies (GPO)
  • Remote elevation to administrator: with a simple button, you can elevate Iperius to obtain administrative privileges even in sessions with limited privileges
  • Full compatibility with UAC (User Account Control)
  • Ability to change the screen resolution in the remote desktop session

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