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Unprecedented performance

Iperius Remote 4 is a completely new remote control software. We created it using all the latest and most advanced technologies, both server side and client side. Thanks to the best video codecs (H-264, VP8), to the UDP connection (peer to peer) and to a new extremely scalable and geographically distributed server architecture, we can offer all our users a product with unprecedented performance.

Iperius Remote Desktop 4 - Performances

Windows, iOS, Android, MAC

Remote desktop for MAC

Iperius Remote 4 expands its compatibility and is now also available for macOS. Thanks to Iperius Remote, now even Apple users will be able to have a software for remote control of the MAC, thanks to which they can work from home or receive technical assistance. Thanks also to the new APPs with a high level of usability, Iperius is now the best remote support software for all platforms.

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Remote Desktop MAC - Iperius Remote Control for macOS

Transfer files and folders

DELTA file transfer

The file transfer of Iperius Remote 4 has been incredibly enhanced. Now you can also transfer entire folders with unprecedented performance. Iperius Remote 4 uses a proprietary algorithm capable of transferring only file changes (native DELTA mode), thus making sending and receiving operations extremely fast and efficient in terms of bandwidth.

Remote File Transfer Delta - Upload Download - Remote Desktop

State of the art usability

New iOS and Android Apps

The Iperius Remote 4 Apps are completely new and developed with the latest technologies available. They allow you to remotely connect to any Windows or MAC device with maximum ease of use and an unmatched level of usability.

Thanks to advanced features such as the intelligent dynamic cursor, shortcuts for quick actions, bidirectional copy & paste and adaptive zoom, you can have an exceptional tool to work remotely even from iPAD and Android tablets, or provide immediate assistance to a server directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Remote access to your Android phone and tablet

The Iperius Remote 4 apps are a concentrate of technology. With a simple setup you can remotely access your Android phone or any tablet. Controlling your phone remotely is very simple, and you can perform all operations and gestures quickly and efficiently.

  • MAC   ➔   MAC
  • Windows   ➔   MAC
  • MAC   ➔   Windows
  • Windows   ➔   Windows
  • iOS / Android   ➔   Windows / MAC
  • Windows / MAC   ➔   Android
  • Windows / MAC   ➔   iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Iperius Remote Control for Android and iOS

Remote printing

A very important feature for those who work remotely is the ability to print documents, projects, photos or other files from the remote computer directly to local printers.

Iperius allows you to install a remote printer that can be used by any program. When you print a file on the Iperius remote printer, it is silently and automatically sent to the computer connected to the remote desktop, from which you can then decide on which local printer to print.

Remote printing


End-to-end encryption, GDPR and HIPAA-compliant (TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3, DTLS-SRTP)

Iperius Remote guarantees a military-grade security, in compliance with the most stringent HIPAA and GDPR regulations. All video, audio and file transmission channels are protected by end-to-end encryption, using the latest protocols: TLS 1.2 and 1.3 and DTLS-SRTP, as well as HTTPS and WSS for all other connections. The server infrastructure is based on HIPAA and ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Per la massima sicurezza possibile, Iperius Remote consente anche di proteggere l'accesso remoto ai dispositivi mediante autenticazione a due fattori (2FA). Scansiona il QR code e genera un OTP mediante Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator o altri generatori standard.

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Remote desktop security TLS 1.3, DTLS-SRTP

Work in progress

Lots of new features for maximum productivity

With version 4 of Iperius Remote begins a new era in the development of our solutions for remote desktop and remote support. In addition to the new features already available, new updates will be constantly released with key features for productivity and usability.

Let's summarize some of the main news and some that will arrive shortly:

  • Extremely improved performance
  • End-to-end encryption (TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3, DTLS-SRTP)
  • Possibilità di consentire l'accesso remoto solo con autenticazione a due fattori (2FA)
  • Ultra-fast delta p2p file transfer and folder transfer
  • New server infrastructure with geo-replication
  • New version for MAC
  • New highly usable APPs and support for bidirectional Copy & Paste
  • Ability to reverse control, to share your screen with the remote device
  • Multi tab interface
  • Improved address book and address book entry procedure
  • Remote printing
  • Session recording
  • Remote control of Android devices and remote access to iOS devices
  • Mass deployment with MSI and Group Policies (GPO) of Windows (massive distribution with silent unattended installation)
  • Coming soon: Wake-On-Lan
  • Coming soon: Remote control from browser
  • Coming soon: Ability to send remote assistance invitations and manage service request queues
Iperius Remote 4 - Remote Desktop Multi Platform

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