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News, new versions and bug fixes of Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote 4.3.1


  • Further improved responsiveness on less powerful computers or slow internet connections


  • File Transfer: Fixed an issue in the file browser that didn't immediately show the disks of the remote computer
  • Fixed an issue that, in some cases, prevented reaching the allowed number of connections for the license


  • Identified and resolved some additional cases that could prevent the correct display of the interface or the connection to the servers
  • Improved performance and responsiveness with slower connections

Iperius Remote 4.3.0


  • Significantly improved stability and speed on some systems or slow internet connections.


  • File Transfer: Fixed an issue in the file browser that was unresponsive while loading remote folders with many files.
  • Fixed an issue where accidental disconnection of the remote computer would cause the program to restart.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to multiple remote computers would cause the program to restart when opening file transfer.


  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, the program window would appear completely gray.

Iperius Remote 4.2.1


  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Remote access to iPhone and iPad: Now with the Iperius Remote app for iOS, you can remotely control your iPhone or provide remote support to an iPad.
  • Remotely access your iOS mobile devices from Windows or MAC. You can also take screenshots or record the screen of your iPhone!
  • New cursor mode for improved usability.


  • Fixed an issue with program language selection.
  • Fixed an issue with certain special characters in custom passwords.
  • Fixed an issue with identifying the correct session on some systems, preventing Iperius from starting in the console session.
  • Now you can search for a device in the address book by entering just 3 characters.
  • Now you can also search by ID in the address book.
  • Resolved some file transfer issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added new shortcuts for better interaction with Windows computers.
  • Fixed some issues with typing certain keys.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Improved video smoothness.

Iperius Remote 4.1.1 - MAC


  • New MULTI TAB interface for macOS, with dedicated chat and file transfer, for managing multiple remote desktop sessions from MAC with maximum convenience
  • Numerous graphical and usability improvements
  • Improved and optimized performance, even for slow internet connections
  • Enhanced multi-server management for optimal geographical performance
  • Fixed an issue with the "View-only" option when the remote desktop connection was from MAC to MAC
  • Now, upon the first opening of the software, a permission settings prompt is displayed to allow remote access and control of the MAC
  • Various minor bugs fixed

Iperius Remote 4.1.1 - Windows


  • Now it's possible to write a note at the end of a session (it can be later viewed in the connection statistics)
  • Mass deployment: now it's possible to create an MSI installer to distribute and automatically install Iperius (in unattended mode and already provided with a password) on all computers in a domain, through Group Policy
  • Now it's possible to protect access to the address book with a password
  • Now it's possible to automatically record the session every time you connect
  • Graphical improvements for the address book and history
  • File transfer: now transferred files take the privileges of the folder where they are destined and maintain the last modification date/time of the original file
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the menu from being displayed on the tray icon when starting Iperius Remote
  • Fixed a keyboard bug that could sometimes keep certain keys pressed
  • Fixed some issues for full support of the Portuguese keyboard
  • Several improvements and optimizations

Iperius Remote 4.0.10 - Windows


  • Fixed a compatibility issue that prevented connection on Windows 7 (despite manually enabling the TSL 1.1 and TLS 1.2 security protocols)
  • Fixed an issue in the file transfer, which in some cases remained in the "Wait" state even though the transfer was completed
  • Improved application performance even under high system or bandwidth load situations
  • Now the remote keyboard differentiates between the right and left CTRL buttons
  • Improved and speeded up the connection procedure to a remote device
  • Several improvements and minor bug fixes

Iperius Remote 4.0.9 MAC e Android


  • macOS
  • File Transfer: completed all the file and folder transfer functions between MAC and PC or between MAC and MAC, with the new built-in file browser.
  • Added new buttons in MAC remote desktop window: Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All and Undo
  • Improved remote screen video quality
  • Improved connection speed
  • Several improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Android
  • User interface has been improved
  • Ability to view the remote computer also horizontally
  • New features on the Android app remote desktop menu
  • Improved Android remote desktop rendering engine

Iperius Remote 4.0.9


  • Windows
  • It is now possible to change the resolution on the remote computer
  • Session Recording: Added an option to start video recording of a session automatically
  • Session recording: now it is possible to choose the path where to save the video files
  • Fixed a startup issue that prevented opening the program window after logon when unattended access was set.
  • Fixed some problems in multi monitor management
  • File Transfer: Fixed an error transferring nested subfolders from the remote computer to the local computer
  • Improved interoperability and fixed some problems between different keyboard layouts (connections between computers with different languages and layouts)
  • Several improvements and optimizations, and some minor bug fixes

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