Iperius® Remote

NovitĂ  / Change Log

News, new versions and bug fixes of Iperius Remote


Iperius Remote 1.6.3


  • List of connected clients with various information on remote machines
  • Fixed a startup problem on some systems
  • Confirmation message when you try to close the remote desktop window
  • A new option to prevent computer from going into sleep mode when a connection is active
  • Minor bugs fixed and performance improvements

Iperius Remote 1.5


  • Now you can configure a Proxy server
  • Now you can specify a password to protect the configuration
  • It is possible to install a video driver to improve performances on older systems
  • Now you can allow connections only for viewing, without allowing to take control of mouse and keyboard
  • Performance improvements and minor bugs fixed

Iperius Remote 1.4


  • Autoupdate
  • New button in the toolbar to automatically update the remote client
  • Installation as service for unattended access
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed some "copy and paste" issues with Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer

Iperius Remote 1.2


  • Complete history or connections
  • Timer to show the connection duration
  • Fixed a visualization problem with high screen resolutions
  • File transfer: fixed a problem in overwriting existing files

Iperius Remote 1.0


  • First official release
  • Execution with elevated privileges and UAC management
  • File transfer
  • Integrated chat

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