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News, new versions and bug fixes of Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote Windows 4.0.3 - Iperius Remote MAC 4.0.1


  • Windows
  • Session Recording: It is now possible to record a remote control session to a regular video file. To create video tutorials or reports of remote assistance sessions
  • Multi-user chat: now Iperius Remote 4 also supports the ability to chat with remote users, and to participate in chat sessions with multiple users (in fact, remember that with Iperius Remote it is possible to connect in multi-user mode to a remote computer)
  • Fixed a problem connecting to the socket server
  • Now you can select the connection quality, choosing between better clarity and smoother video (up to 60 FPS)
  • Several best graphics
  • Greater stability in reconnection when installed as a service in unattended mode
  • Fixed some issues in custom client generation
  • Fixed an interface freeze issue during automatic reconnections

  • MAC
  • The application is now digitally signed and no longer shows the unsecured application message when opened
  • New initialization window to set the necessary permissions to allow remote control
  • Multi-user chat: now Iperius Remote MAC also supports the ability to chat with remote users, and to participate in chat sessions with multiple users (in fact, remember that with Iperius Remote multiple operators can connect simultaneously to the same remote computer)
  • File transfer: from Windows it is now possible to explore the file system of a remote macOS computer, send files to MAC and receive files from MAC.
  • Ability to add a remote device to your address book
  • Correction of some graphic anomalies
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some types of accounts from viewing the address book
  • Now the MAC version also supports remote auto-update
  • Unattended mode: added the possibility to start Iperius Remote in reception to the user's logon
  • Insertion of the icon on the TrayBar with notification of outgoing and receiving connection

Iperius Remote 4.0.2


  • Added Remote Printing: now on remote computers it is possible to install a driver and a printer that allow you to print any remote file on local printers
  • New Setup that allows you to start or install Iperius Remote
  • Now the Full Rebranding is also available for Iperius Remote 4!
  • Now you can choose whether to view the remote desktop in its original resolution or to fit the image to the window (zoom)
  • Added translation in Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and Dutch (now Iperius Remote 4 is available in 9 languages, including Italian, English, French, German and Portuguese)
  • Now you can take screenshots of the remote desktop window, which are saved in a special folder
  • The remote desktop window is now better centered on smaller screens and displays the original remote desktop size, ensuring a better sharpness
  • Multi-monitor: Added the ability to select the remote screen for computers that have multiple monitors
  • Fixed some bugs in file transfer
  • Fixed some bugs in the address book: now in the case of a large number of computers, a "show next" button appears to speed up viewing
  • Now the tray icon menu allows you to quit the program and log out of the license
  • Fixed a bug that caused the remote desktop image to be cropped and cursor inaccuracy on some systems
  • Ability to enter a custom Alias for remote devices in the address book
  • Further improved performance and stability
  • Improved sharpness
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • PLEASE NOTE: the upgrade to Iperius Remote 4 is recommended for all users, as version 3 of Iperius Remote is considered deprecated and it will be deactivated in a few weeks.

Iperius Remote 4.0.0


  • Iperius Remote 4: discover all the new features
  • New server infrastructure with geographic replication and use of the most powerful development technologies for high reliability and scalability.
  • Extremely improved performance thanks to the use of the latest technologies, native peer to peer (UDP) connection and the best video transmission codecs (H.264)
  • New MAC version (Download Iperius Remote 4 for MAC)
  • New iOS and Android apps with high usability, with support for bidirectional Copy & Paste, quick shortcuts and advanced intelligent cursor
  • Ability to connect from Windows to Windows, from Windows to MAC, from MAC to Windows, from MAC to MAC, from iOS to MAC and Windows, from Android to MAC and Windows. Soon we will also release the ability to connect TO mobile devices (from Windows or MAC to Android and iOS).
  • DELTA file transfer, ultra fast and peer to peer
  • Automatic transfer of entire folders
  • Possibility to invert the remote control with a simple click
  • New multi-tab interface with high usability
  • New address book and new way of adding a computer to your address book (Client Account is no longer required)
  • End-to-end encryption using the secure TLS 1.3 (HTTPS and WSS) and DTLS-SRTP protocols. Video transmission with military-grade security, HIPAA compliant and GDPR compliant.

Iperius Remote 3.6.7


  • Improved automatic reconnection system when installing as a service for unattended access
  • Improved stability in different scenarios
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Remote 3.6.6


  • Improved performance and stability
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Iperius Remote 3.6.5


  • Improved performance in Brazil and Latin America thanks to the new dedicated server infrastructure
  • Improved the speed of the administrative area
  • Custom versions now show the icon and company information on the main window
  • Fixed a problem in opening the administrative area and other links
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Remote 3.6.3


  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • Improved performance in different scenarios
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed Android App crashes and malfunctions on some devices
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Remote 3.6.0


  • New graphical interface
  • Improved performance
  • Better stability and maintenance of the connection even in critical contexts
  • Improved history management
  • Chat improved
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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