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Iperius Remote Free est l'un des meilleurs logiciels de bureau à distance et d'assistance à distance. La version gratuite d'Iperius Remote est un excellent produit pour se connecter à distance à votre ordinateur personnel ou serveur de bureau. Toutes les fonctions essentielles pour travailler à distance (smart working) sont disponibles, y compris le transfert de fichiers et les versions à connecter depuis Android et iOS.

Installation for automatic access

Connect whenever you want

Set a personalized security password and install Iperius Remote as a Windows service with one click. No router or firewall configuration is required. Your home or office PC will always be online and reachable via remote desktop. Iperius will automatically reconnect even when the system is restarted.

Remote desktop with no firewall/router configuration

Upload and Download

File transfer

When you connect remotely with Iperius Free, you have a complete file manager at your disposal to view remote files and download them to your local PC. You can also send files to remote computers, all with a few simple clicks.

File transfer

Easy connection from any device

Easy to use and always with you

Iperius is a very easy to use remote control software. It does not require any installation or network configuration. You can use it to remotely assist the PCs of friends and relatives, or to remotely connect to your home PC when you are away, thanks to the iOS and Android apps that you can use from your smartphone.

Remote working

Scalable professional solutions

Discover the benefits of the Pro versions

If you need advanced features or to use Iperius Remote for your company, you can sign up to a subscription plan with unbeatable prices.

With the Pro versions of Iperius Remote you will be able to have a customized number of simultaneous connections, a detailed address book with all remote computers and administrative management that will allow you to create groups and operator accounts, create customized policies and authorizations and have complete statistics for each connection. .

And much more too!

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