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How to avoid Remote Access Scams

In this article, we will briefly outline some tips to avoid being scammed, data theft, or money theft through a remote access software like Iperius.

Iperius Remote is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all its users. We are aware that, unfortunately, remote control services can be misused by malicious individuals to commit fraud. This page has been created to help you recognize and prevent these scams.

How Scams Work

Scams can come in many forms, but usually follow a similar pattern. The attacker will contact you pretending to be a representative of a trusted organization, such as a bank, a technology service provider, or a government agency. They will convince you that your computer is at risk, that you have won a prize, or that you have a refund pending, and will ask you to grant access to your computer via Iperius Remote to “solve” the problem.

Warning Signs to Consider

  • Unexpected requests for remote access to your computer.
  • Pressure to act immediately.
  • Requests for payment through unusual methods, such as gift cards or cryptocurrency transfers.
  • Promises of refunds or prize winnings that seem too good to be true.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Never grant remote access to your computer to people or organizations you do not know or trust.
  • Do not make payments or provide personal information in response to unexpected requests.
  • Always verify the identity of those who contact you, seeking independent contact information and directly calling the organization.
  • Use the security settings provided by Iperius Remote, such as unique passwords and two-factor authentication.

If You Believe You Have Been a Victim of Fraudulent Access

  • Disconnect immediately from any ongoing remote control session.
  • Change all important passwords, especially those related to financial services and email.
  • Contact your bank or credit card provider if you have provided financial information.
  • Report the incident to local authorities.


The security of users is of utmost importance to Iperius Remote, but prevention is the key to protecting yourself from scams.

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