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File transfer with Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote has a easy to use two-way file transfer functionality. You can use this function to transfer files to remote computers (upload) or to take files from remote computers (download).

The interface is very simple,quite similar to FTP client one, where we have our local computer on the left and the remote computer on the right. We can move, rename or delete files even remotely, and of course we can transfer one or more files with a simple click. We see below an example of the Iperius Remote file transfer window:

In order to open the file transfer just click on the appropriate button in the toolbar of the remote desktop window, as shown in the figure above. When you need to transfer a file from local to remote computer just select it and click on the upload arrow, as shown in the image.

In some situations, when the configuration of the NAT / Firewall allows it, the file transfer will be in direct mode (Peer to Peer), thus guaranteeing the maximum possible speed (in other cases, due to more restrictive configurations, the file transfer could be slower).

Delta File Transfer:

Furthermore, if the destination file exists, Iperius Remote will transfer only the actually modified parts of the file (delta file transfer), thus obtaining a very fast transfer. It will also be faster for file transfers between computers within the same LAN.

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