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Iperius Remote Desktop App for iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

Iperius Remote can also be used from mobile devices, as well as from Windows and MAC.

The Iperius Remote iOS App is available for free download on the Apple Store (the Android version is obviously also available).

Thanks to the iOS App you can connect remotely to Windows or MAC computers from your iPhone and iPad devices (Iperius is perfectly compatible with iPadOS too). Moreover, with Iperius, you can also remotely access and control your iPhone (or remotely control your Android phone). In fact, the Iperius app works in both directions: it allows you to establish remote desktop connections both from mobile devices to Windows/Mac and from Windows/Mac to mobile devices. You can make the following connections:

  1. From iPhone/iPad to Windows or Mac
  2. From Windows or Mac to iPhone/iPad


You can monitor remote servers when you are out of your company, or finish a job by connecting to your office PC, exactly as if you were physically in front of the remote machine.

Thanks to the compatibility also with iPad, remote desktop becomes very easy and fluid, and allows you to carry out comfortable remote work sessions from any place where you have an internet connection.

Iperius Remote for iOS supports iOS 12, iOS 11, iPadOS 12, iPadOS 11, or newer.

Address Book and History

The Iperius Remote App is available in different languages, is a freeware App for remote desktop, and also includes advanced features such as the history of connections and the ability to authenticate with your master or operator account. This allows you to have the complete list of remote computers (a real address book) to which you can connect. To get the advanced features, explore our subscription plans.

Copy & Paste

The Iperius Remote App for iOS perfectly supports bidirectional copy and paste. This feature allows you to copy a text from the remote computer (both Windows and MAC) and paste it on your mobile device, or vice versa. It is therefore a great tool for increasing ease of work and productivity.

High usability thanks to smart cursor, zoom and shortcuts

The Iperius Apps have been designed to ensure the best usability in remote desktop sessions. The mouse cursor can be used in a very simple way and allows you to quickly access basic functions such as double click, drag windows, right click, etc …

You can zoom the remote desktop to write into text fields or view smaller details without losing any quality. The keyboard is designed for smooth and efficient typing, and quick shortcuts allow you to perform multiple repetitive actions for maximum productivity.

Excellent video quality and performance

Thanks to the use of the latest communication technologies, the Iperius Remote Desktop Apps can guarantee fluid use together with high video quality, even in situations of low bandwidth.

Download the Iperius Remote Desktop App for free from the Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/it/app/iperius-remote-4/id1592666519

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