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MAC Remote Desktop: access remotely your MAC with Iperius

One of the most important features of the new Iperius Remote 4 is the support for MAC operating systems , therefore the possibility of remote desktop connection to the MAC from Windows, MAC and mobile devices , and vice versa the possibility of connecting from MAC to Windows computers or mobile devices .

Iperius is one of the best MAC remote control software, available in a free version and with numerous advanced features for professional use.

The possible connections are:

  • Windows   ➔   Windows
  • MAC   ➔   MAC
  • Windows ➔   MAC
  • MAC   ➔   Windows
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad) / Android   ➔   Windows / MAC
  • Windows / MAC   ➔  Android / iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Let’s take a detailed look at the simple steps to follow to use Iperius Remote Desktop for MAC.

The first thing to do is download Iperius Remote on your PC or MAC, from the relevant download pages:

Download Iperius Remote for Windows

Download Iperius Remote for MAC

We obviously have to get it downloaded and started on the remote computer as well. The software will connect automatically on startup and will be ready to receive the connection.

Enable system access permissions:

The only configuration to be set is the system access request:

Iperius Remote must be authorized to access the ” Screen Recording “, ” Accessibility ” and ” Files and Folders ” functions, necessary to obtain remote control of the MAC. These permissions can be enabled in a very simple way, as in the following images:

Once the permissions have been granted, we are ready to receive and perform remote desktop sessions on the MAC:

If we need to receive a remote connection, just provide whoever needs to connect (from MAC/Windows or mobile) the ID and password shown by the program, as in the figure below:

We can obviously configure a custom password for remote access to the MAC in the general settings of the program:

If, on the other hand, we want to start a remote connection (to MAC/Windows or to Android) just enter the credentials of the remote computer or Android device in the space provided and click on ” Connect “:

Obviously, it is possible to subscribe to an  Iperius Remote subscription plan , which allows you to exploit all the potential and functions of the software, such as the possibility of connecting to unlimited  remote computers and for an unlimited time , the possibility of having a shared address book , the possibility of create Operators each with their own permissions and computer Groups, a complete report with the statistics of all remote sessions carried out, and finally the possibility of recording sessions and performing remote printing.


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