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Iperius Remote 3 – Shared list of computers, creation/editing of private groups and remote clients

This tutorial refers to Iperius Remote 3 versions, for Iperius Remote 4 you can refer to this link.


Iperius Remote is the easy-to-use and efficient remote control and support software for fast access to any computer connected to the internet.

Starting from version 2.0, there is an improved “Computers and Contacts” section, which allows:

  1. Create / modify personal groups
  2. Move Client within Private Groups
  3. Change the Client settings
  4. Connect with a client

This feature is only available in commercial versions of Iperius Remote and only once you have logged in as an administrator or operator (general options).

To access the address book, open Iperius Remote and click on the icon placed in the middle, next to the box for entering the ID (see image below).

Iperius remote - Finestra principale
Iperius remote – Main window

A new window will open, divided into two parts (see image below):

Iperius remote - Lista dei client
Iperius remote – List of remote clients

On the left, there are the names of the groups that can be of two types:

  • 05_shared_group Shared: These groups are managed by administrators from the administration panel.
  • 05_private_group Private: these groups are visible and managed only by the operator through the address book.

Within each group, the clients contained will be displayed:

  • 07_pc_online Indicates that the client is online and reachable
  • 07_pc_offline Indicates that the client is offline

All of the license clients appear on the right and in addition to the client data (name, company, operating system, etc.), there is an indication of the client status: when the client is online, the line is black, otherwise it is orange.
06_iperius_istalled_as_serviceThis icon also indicates if Iperius Remote is installed as a service in the client.

Create / modify personal groups

To create a new group, first right click on the root node (Groups) in the left tab. (see screenshot below)

Iperius remote - Aggiunta Gruppo
Iperius remote – Adding a group

In the menu that opens, click on add.  The panel to insert the new group will open on the right. (see image below):

Iperius remote - Aggiunta/modifica Gruppo
Iperius remote – Adding/editing a group

Once finished entering the group data (name, email, address, etc.) click the Add button to create the new private group, which will be visible only to the operator.

To modify or delete a group, right click the one you want and the modification form will open or the group cancellation confirmation will display in case of deletion.
Note: from this panel it is possible to edit and delete only the private groups of the operator.

Move Clients within Private Groups

After creating the private group, you can modify it by adding the clients.

To do this, simply move the client from the right-hand side list above the desired group. (see image below)

Iperius remote - Spostare client nei gruppi
Iperius remote – Move clients into a group

Change the Client settings

To change the settings of a Client, right click on the one you want and select “Edit” on the drop-down menu that opens (see image below)

Iperius remote - Modifica impostazioni client
Iperius remote – Editing client settings

a panel to change the client settings will open on the right (see image below):

Iperius remote - Impostazioni client
Iperius remote – Client settings

In this tab, not only can you change the data displayed in the list (Name, Company, Description) but you can also choose to set an access password valid only for the operator by checking the “Password Protected” option and clicking on the “Set” button .

In case you want to remove or change the password you will be asked to enter the old password. (see image below)

Iperius remote - Modifica password
Iperius remote – Change password

Once the changes have been completed, press the “Modify” button to apply the changes to the client. (see image below)

Iperius remote - Conferma modifiche
Iperius remote -Confirm changes

Connect to a client
To connect to a client from this list, simply select it and press the button on the bottom right “Connect” or double-click on it. (See image below)

Iperius remote - Collegarsi ad un client
Iperius remote – Connect to a client

Note: If an access password has been set, you will be asked to enter it.

This contact management feature allows you to use Iperius Remote for all assistance and remote support activities regardless of the size of your customer base. Being able to group the various remote computers by company, they can be easily identified and the connection made is immediate. The efficiency of support is therefore greatly improved and the remote connections can be found in the statistics very clearly.

As for the operators, the administrator will decide what they will be able to see or the computers to which they will be able to connect. This allows a granular management of your support team.

To get this feature, buy a professional license of Iperius Remote.

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