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How to activate Iperius Remote

When you purchase an Iperius Remote license, you will receive by email the credentials of the so-called Master account, to access the administrative area and to activate the program.

The Master account must be entered on the computer FROM WHICH you want to connect. The Iperius license allows you to enter the credentials of a Master or an Operator on unlimited computers.

NB: If you are already using Iperius Remote in the Free version, it is not necessary to download it again. Just open the Iperius Remote executable already present on your computer and enter the Master account.

When you enter the Master account (or an Operator account), this practically constitutes the activation of the Iperius Remote license.

Local computer: Master account

Add the Master account by going to the general settings and then to the “License” section, following the simple steps shown in the image below:

Once you have entered the Master account, click on “Save” and close the settings window.

The local computer is configured. In this way the Iperius Remote license is activated. Now you have all the features available, a greater number of simultaneous connections, and an address book where you can see all the remote computers. Finally, let’s not forget that in the administrative area it is also possible to create additional accounts, called Operators, to connect multiple users with different credentials and have separate statistics.

Now, on the main window, you can immediately see that the license is activated and some information about it:

Another quick way to activate Iperius Remote for the first time is to go directly to the login window:

Address Book of remote computers:

When the Iperius Remote license is activated, that is when you are authenticated with your credentials, you can access the address book of the remote computers, thanks to which you can connect very quickly:

To connect to a remote computer, just double click on it.

Add a remote computer to the address book:

To add a remote computer to your address book, simply connect to it the first time with the ID and password provided by the remote user, and then add it using the appropriate button in the toolbar to the right of the remote desktop window:

If you have problems activating the license or for any information or support request, open a ticket on https://support.iperius.net

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