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Iperius Remote as a software for telework / working from home

Iperius Remote is one of the best software to control the office PC directly from home, and therefore a software solution for professional and efficient telework.

When we talk about teleworking (also called smart working, agile work, telecommuting), we are talking about activities that need a reliable partner and immediate effectiveness. With Iperius Remote you can connect in a few clicks to the office PC from any computer, or even from Android and iPAD tablets or even from iPhone or Android smartphones. This is because Iperius Remote also has convenient Apps for connecting from a mobile device. In an emergency or if you are away from home, you can connect on the move to your work computer to quickly perform the necessary activities.

Iperius Remote also has advanced features that allow you to configure remote work sessions even for large companies, where there is a need to manage different operator accounts (employees) and the related access permissions. To do this, a powerful administrative area is provided, which allows you to create groups of computers and assign them to different operators, as well as being able to view and export detailed statistics of all connections. It is therefore possible to know in detail the connection and remote working times of all operators.

Iperius Remote can also be installed as a service to allow automatic unattended access, at any time and without user intervention

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