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Iperius Remote as a software for telework / working from home

Iperius Remote is one of the best programs for remote access and to control the office PC directly from home. If you want a professional and efficient software solution for Smart Working, the Iperius Remote platform is the ideal choice.

The fundamental characteristics of a software for remote work, otherwise called agile work or teleworking, are the speed of connections, the simplicity of management and the reliability in every situation, and this is exactly what Iperius Remote guarantees to thousands of users and companies that use it around the world.

Some of the peculiar features of Iperius Remote:

  • Unlimited remote computers
  • Unlimited devices and accounts
  • License installable on unlimited devices
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Support for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Address Book
  • Unattended access
  • File transfer (delta) and folder transfer
  • Connection time statistics
  • Granular management of permissions for computers, groups and users
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Remote printing
  • Session recording

With Iperius Remote you can instantly connect to your office PC or company servers from any Windows or MAC computer, and even from mobile devices such as Android tablets and iPAD or even from iPhone or Android smartphones. You can then work remotely from home exactly as if you were physically in the company. Finally, for technicians and systems managers, it is also possible to connect unattended to company servers, to carry out monitoring operations or extraordinary maintenance. Thanks to the ability to connect also from mobile devices, emergency interventions can be carried out remotely from wherever you are.

The Iperius remote access and work platform also provides advanced features to set up a complete and managed infrastructure for Remote Work, even for large companies and public bodies, where there is a need to have different operator accounts (employees), each with its specific remote access permissions. For this management we have with Iperius a complete web administrative area, which allows you to create groups of computers and limit the remote control of computers or groups to specific users with granular permissions. The administrative area also allows us to consult the statistics of connection times for all users. that connect to remote desktop. It is therefore possible to know in detail the remote working times of all the operators and computers to which they are connected.

Unattended access

We remind you again that Iperius Remote can also be installed as a service, to be started automatically when the system is booted and therefore allow unattended access at any time and without the need for confirmation by a remote user.

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