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Working from home with Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote is one of the best software to remotely access the office PC and to organize remote work.

From your home computer, with a few simple steps, you can configure the software to connect at any time and safely to your workstation in the company. Remote access is available for both Windows and MAC, and also from mobile devices.

The professional licenses of Iperius Remote allow you to organize the remote work of employees in the best possible way. These in fact provide advanced features such as a greater number of simultaneous connections, the ability to create different users, the configuration of granular access permissions, the remote printing and connection time statistics. The prices of the professional versions can be found on this page.

License activation with Master account

The configuration of Iperius Remote is very simple: once you have purchased the license, you will receive Master Account credentials by e-mail, which must be entered into the program on your local computer, to activate the license.

The MASTER account is therefore the one that is entered into the PC FROM WHICH the connection is initiated. The account can be configured on unlimited seats. The only existing limit is the number of concurrent connections allowed by the license.

In the simplest configuration, therefore, you can set the Master account on all PCs from which you connect. In this way you have the possibility to see and access all the computers in the office, without limitations. If, on the other hand, you want to create customized groups and permissions, so that some users can see and access only some computers, you can do it from the administrative dashboard, by creating the OPERATORS accounts.

Let’s see together how to configure the software for working from home.

How to configure remote computers

First, download Iperius Remote on all office PCs that need to be remotely controlled (you don’t need to download it again if you already have it). The Free version can be used on these PCs.

Unattended access (automatic access)

On remote computers, it is important to enable the unattended access, that allows an operator to access a computer without any remote user intervention. To do this, just click on “Automatic start (unattended access)”. In this way, Iperius Remote will always remain connected in receive mode, and will automatically reconnect even when the system is restarted. This configuration therefore allows you to connect to the remote PC at any time, without the need for human intervention.

How to set the Master or Operator account

Let’s now move on to configure the home PCs that we will use to control the office computers.

First, download Iperius Remote from this page and open it.

If we do not need to set limitations to ensure that users only see or access specific computers, we can directly enter the Master account on home PCs. This is an administrator account that has full privileges.

If, on the other hand, we have groups of computers and we want to make sure that some users can see and access only some of them (to make sure, for example, that each employee can access only his workstation), we can create Operator Accounts ( or simply Operators) in the administrative dashboard.

The configuration of the Master / Operator account can be done in the “License” tab, in the General Settings.

Using the appropriate button, next to the selection list, it is possible to add or modify multiple accounts.

To add a Master or Operator account, click on the button to the right of the selection list, select “New” and set the account credentials. Finally, click on “Save”.

We now have our account in the selection list. Then click on the “Save” button at the bottom right to save the general settings. From this moment on, the program will use the credentials of the selected account to access all the professional features of the software, those available when purchasing a license. First of all, the ability to view the address book of remote computers.

Address book of remote computers

As a last step, to verify that the connection with the Master or Operator account is working correctly, click on the button to view the address book. We can then select the remote computer in the list and connect to it with a double click.

The address book is very convenient, because it allows you to connect directly to the office PC without having to specify a password. Obviously, if for greater security you want to specify an additional password for accessing the remote computer, this can be done in the computer properties in the administrative dashboard.

Add a remote computer to your address book

You can add remote computers to your address book in two ways. By connecting to the remote computer for the first time and clicking on the appropriate button in the toolbar to the right of the remote desktop window, or by installing your own customized version on the remote PC (rebranding).

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