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Install Iperius Remote 4 for iOS

* Iperius Remote 4 can coexist with previous versions (3.x), but it is not compatible with them (Update information)
Iperius Remote Desktop 4 - Windows
Version: 4.0.1 (News/ChangeLog)
Released on: 9/19/2022
Compatibility: iOS 12, iOS 11, iPadOS 12, iPadOS 11, o pi├╣ recente

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Some key features, in short:

Remote access for smartphones and tablets

Remote access for iOS and iPadOS

The Iperius Remote Apps are developed to ensure maximum usability, combined with efficiency and safety. You can install Iperius Remote on your iPhone directly from the Apple Store, and use it immediately to connect to a Windows PC / Server or to a MAC.

Thanks to advanced features such as the intelligent pointer, adaptive zoom, shortcuts for quick actions and bidirectional copy & paste, with Iperius Remote you have high operational efficiency even from an iPAD. A really handy remote access app, almost at the level of a desktop PC!

Iperius Remote Control and Remote Desktop for iOS and iPadOS

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What is installed on my computer?

The Iperius Remote software does not require any installation. The program is portable and has to simply be executed. The software allows an installation as a Windows service, for automatic access, but only upon explicit confirmation by the user, with the setting of a specific password.

Iperius Remote does not change any system settings and does not include any third-party applications, such as browser toolbars or adware. To remove the program from your computer, just delete the executable file.